Caroline Otis, Ph.D.

Associate Principal

Caroline Otis is an associate principal in the Litigation Support practice area of Applied Marketing Science (AMS).

Caroline has extensive experience managing quantitative and qualitative market research projects relating to litigation matters. Within AMS, Caroline manages day-to-day operations for Litigation Support projects involving issues such as trademark and trade dress confusion, deceptive advertising, patent infringement and class certification. She also coordinates all aspects of a research project, including survey design, fieldwork, data analysis and report creation. Additionally, she supervises and trains analysts at AMS.

Prior to joining AMS, Caroline worked as an academic researcher in the field of psychology and law. While pursuing her doctorate, Caroline conducted primary research on such topics as plea bargain negotiations, attorneys’ questioning strategies during jury selection, and jurors’ perceptions of confession and eyewitness identification evidence. Caroline has successfully sought grant funding for her research from the National Science Foundation and she has shared her findings in journal publications and by presenting her research at numerous national conference proceedings.

In addition to research, Caroline worked as an assistant professor of psychology at Becker College and as a psychology instructor at John Jay College (CUNY), teaching courses in legal psychology, social psychology and research methods. She also worked at an investment management firm, Eaton Vance Management, where she gathered economic and account data.

Although Boston will always be her home (and the Red Sox her team), she has a special place in her heart for New York City, where she lived for 5 years during graduate school. She returns to New York frequently for visits, to enjoy Central Park, bagels, coffee from a street cart and the subway. In her free time, Caroline enjoys practicing yoga, cooking, traveling, and taking long walks with her husband, young daughter and their dog Tilly.

Caroline holds a B.A. in psychology from Williams College in Massachusetts, and a Ph.D. in psychology from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York. She also spent a semester studying abroad at the Trinity College program in Rome.

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