Annie Krumpoch

Senior Marketing Specialist

Annie Krumpoch is a senior marketing specialist at Applied Marketing Science (AMS). Annie’s responsibilities include developing, designing and updating web content, maintaining site search engine optimization, updating AMS social media accounts, coordinating conferences and trainings, facilitating webinars, developing paid ad content, and conducting ongoing web maintenance and QA.

Annie graduated from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management with a BS in Business Management, double concentrating in Marketing and Finance.

Prior to AMS, Annie worked as a research assistant at Boston College’s consumer insights panel, where she helped facilitate studies and collect data. In addition, Annie was a marketing intern at AMS before joining full time. She also held an internship in human resources at Suffolk Construction company.

Originally from Shrewsbury, MA, Annie enjoys traveling, yoga, and rock climbing. She also enjoys gardening and has an ever-growing collection of plants.

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