Cheryl Georgio

Director of Field Operations

Cheryl Georgio is the director of field operations at Applied Marketing Science, Inc. (AMS).  

Cheryl is a research professional with over 30 years of experience managing domestic and international custom projects. She is experienced in a diverse range of consumer and professional quantitative research practice areas as it relates to recruiting for online surveys, telephone surveys, qualitative/ethnography and face to face interviewing. She also has a keen understanding of the cultures in the global marketplace and how they apply in a market research environment. 

As the Director of Field Operations, she plays a key role in organizing and overseeing the daily client service operations at AMS to ensure that our business is well-coordinated and productive.  Her responsibilities include managing procedures, coaching and mentoring staff, and streamlining and standardizing project workstreams that improve our day-to-day efficiency. 

Born and raised in Eastchester, New York, Cheryl loves entertaining and cooking, spending time with her family, and loves curling up with a good book and her 3 dogs. 

Cheryl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

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