Gizem Altheimer, Ph.D.

Senior Analyst

Gizem Altheimer is a senior analyst for the Litigation Support practice at Applied Marketing Science (AMS).

In her role at AMS, Gizem is involved with all aspects of litigation projects, including exploratory research, survey design, survey fielding, data analysis, and report development. She has worked for the Litigation Support practice on cases related to trademark infringement, deceptive advertising, and patent infringement.

Prior to joining AMS, Gizem worked as a User Experience Researcher at TripAdvisor, where she defined goals for and conducted foundational and evaluative user studies. For her Ph.D. dissertation, which was published in peer-reviewed journals, she examined the role of previous experiences on emotional eating in the lab and in daily life.

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Gizem currently lives just outside of Boston. Being from a very large city, she loves taking long walks and admiring the cute houses in the quiet neighborhoods around Waltham. In her spare time, she enjoys Skyping with her family in Turkey, playing with her cat Penny, painting with Bob Ross, making miniatures, or strumming her ukulele.

Gizem holds a B.A. in psychology from Oberlin College and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Tufts University.

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