Janna Sokolow

Senior Analyst

Janna Sokolow is a senior analyst in the Insights for Innovation practice at Applied Marketing Science. In this role, Janna collaborates to uncover needs, desires, and frustrations of people through designing qualitative and quantitative studies, interviewing, fielding, analyzing data, creating data-driven recommendations, and writing reports. Janna supports clients throughout corporate, consumer, real estate, medical, and other fields.

Janna received her bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University, where she pursued an interdisciplinary education in user experience research, product design, and engineering. In this program, she learned to apply principles of psychology and physiology to improve the touchpoints between products, systems, and people. She worked on the Human Factors & Ergonomics team at Tesla conducting a study to determine the optimal placement and design specifications of driver’s seats. Her findings supported the comfort and safety of drivers, with consideration to a range of heights, weights, and abilities.

Janna also has experience in product design and graphic design, both at High Lantern Group and as a freelancer. Her work in design is yet another expressions of her love of user-centered problem solving and analysis.

Janna served as the president of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society at Tufts, where she graduated magna cum laude, and is a proud alumna of the a cappella group Shir Appeal. Outside of work, Janna pursues her lifelong passion for singing – whether it be in choirs, musicals, or at the piano. She also loves to do yoga and spend time in nature.

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