Julie Morris

Senior Manager

Julie Morris is a senior manager in the Litigation Support practice area of Applied Marketing Science (AMS).

In her current role, Julie supports quantitative and qualitative market research projects including those involving trademark and trade dress confusion, trademark dilution, secondary meaning, deceptive advertising, patent infringement and class certification.

Prior to joining AMS, Julie interned at Hillshire Brands, where she worked with supply chain to analyze trends in energy output and food waste. Additionally, she wrote sections of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for FY13.

Julie led her marketing capstone team in helping the University of New Hampshire Athletic Department market the Wildcat brand. She conducted surveys and focus groups, as well as analyzed the data. For her Psychology Capstone, she worked with the Portsmouth Public Schools Early Education Program to help disabled children learn how to communicate nonverbally.

As the middle of five children, Julie opposes the “forgotten” child label and prefers to be called the “favorite” one (even if her siblings may disagree!) Like her sisters, Julie competitively figure skated from a very young age until her retirement upon graduating college. She competed nationally as a member of her skating club and internationally as a representative of the United States. As a University of New Hampshire graduate, Julie enjoys revisiting the area and exploring all the various regions of the state.

Julie holds a B.S. in business administration, concentrating in marketing, and a B.A. in psychology from the University of New Hampshire, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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