Ryan Kelley

Senior Analyst

Ryan Kelley is a senior analyst for the Litigation Support practice at Applied Marketing Science (AMS).

In his role at AMS, Ryan has worked for the Litigation Support practice on a wide range of cases related to trademark infringement and deceptive advertising. He is involved with all aspects of litigation market research projects, including exploratory research, survey design, data collection, data analysis, and report development.

Before starting at AMS, Ryan attended Trinity College, where he studied a wide range of subjects ranging from Developmental Neuroscience to Advanced Music Production. As part of his Psychology and Neuroscience studies, he was able to explore various research topics, such as the effects of maternal exercise during pregnancy on offspring, and how social media use and personality type influence conspiracy theory belief. Outside of his studies, Ryan taught himself music production and has produced music over a wide spectrum of genres, ranging from classical to various electronic subgenres. He has surpassed over 200,000 plays across all music streaming platforms since learning music production during his freshman year of college.

Originally from North Andover, Massachusetts, Ryan enjoys golfing, playing soccer, working out, and spending time with friends. He also has a deep affinity for Belgian waffles.

Ryan holds a B.S. in Psychology from Trinity College, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

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