Roles and Career Paths

Our consultants continuously learn from each other through an apprenticeship model. Junior team members work closely with more senior staff to master our methodologies, sharpen their research skills and perfect data-analysis techniques, all while providing top-notch client service. We routinely share new ideas and best practices, and rely on each other to refine our methodologies to deliver insights to our clients.

At Applied Marketing Science (AMS), you will master core skills in market research and analysis, on projects that span a wide range of subject areas and industry categories. You will learn to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment, as well as how to manage through ambiguity and uncertainty. You will develop an exacting attention to detail and high standards of work quality. In addition, you will experience what makes AMS unique, including:

  • More opportunity and responsibility. AMS provides a dynamic and challenging work environment. We believe in a hands-on approach to learning. We understand that pushing your comfort zone and taking on more responsibility is a great way to grow personally and professionally. You will be involved in all phases of market research, including, but not limited to, questionnaire design, survey programming, qualitative interviewing, survey testing, data analysis, report design and vendor management.
  • Real client impact. The work you do is important. In our litigation support practice, our surveys are used as critical pieces of evidence in high-stakes litigation. Our innovation practice conducts research to help our clients develop the newest products and services in the world.
  • Learning as an everyday activity. You will engage with a variety of clients from many different types of industries. With such an array of ongoing projects, you will find yourself in an environment where you are constantly learning. Our clients return to us for our expertise, flexibility and the partnerships we create with every engagement.
  • Respect for quality of life. Unlike other professional services firms, we believe that you should have a life outside of AMS. While the nature of our work means that sometimes we work long hours and unpredictable schedules, we view evening and weekend work as an exception, not an expectation. Most of our work takes place in our offices. We rely on technology to minimize travel to clients and facilitate remote work.
Analysts and Senior Analysts

Analysts and Senior Analysts learn valuable market research skills at AMS while also being involved in all levels of client interaction. Analysts assemble qualitative artifacts, test surveys, analyze data and run statistical procedures, including regression, factor and cluster analysis, and conjoint modeling. They execute the critical work of turning raw data into information. Analysts also manage vendors, including field providers and survey programmers. Analysts at AMS are fully involved in projects, meaning they participate in our consulting work process, directly communication with clients, facilitating meetings and presenting reports and findings.

Managers and Senior Managers

Managers and Senior Managers sit at the center of a project team. Managers oversee day-to-day project management. They design and execute research, conduct interviews, specify analyses, and develop and deliver reports. Mangers serve as the primary point-of-contact for our client team. They also lead internal projects to create new methodologies and implement operational improvements. Senior Managers also have the opportunity to help develop new business for AMS, including proposal development as well as participation in marketing activities like conferences, webinars and publications.

Associate Principals

Associate Principals must demonstrate outstanding project management skill, as well as a commitment to the future of the firm through participation in thought leadership, marketing and operational issues. Associate Principals are expected to develop their own client relationships and lead projects independently.


Principals are responsible for client relationship management and firm leadership. Principals develop new clients, oversee ongoing client relationships and ensure the ultimate success of our work. They also advance AMS as a thought leader in our fields of expertise, by publishing articles, speaking at conferences, and collaborating with our affiliates at leading universities like MIT, Yale and NYU. Principals oversee all management of AMS, including both client-service and administrative staff.

Litigation Survey Experts

This demanding but rewarding position offers highly qualified candidates the opportunity to provide expert witness testimony for a variety of complex litigation matters, including trademark infringement, deceptive advertising, class action, patent infringement, and more. Litigation Survey Experts immerse themselves in the legal claims particular to each case and then apply their expertise to design and carry out scientifically rigorous surveys that serve as evidence to support or refute those legal claims. Experts not only must have extensive understanding of survey methodologies, best practices, and statistics, but they must also understand the challenges that surveys face when presented as evidence to the courts. To that end, Experts will be provided extensive training and mentorship, while being supported by our experienced team of Analysts, Managers and other staff dedicated to litigation matters.

Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team manages our non-client operations, including recruiting and human resources, marketing, technology, accounting and finance, and office management. While we recruit most heavily for client-service staff, we often seek candidates for administrative positions.

Because we are a growing firm, we are always interested in meeting great candidates. All potential colleagues should possess the following skills and qualities:

  • A balanced background of qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, including an understanding of statistical principles
  • Good business sense
  • Strong problem-solving and structuring capabilities
  • A knack for turning data into a compelling story that inspires clients to action
  • A collaborative attitude
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and rapidly shifting priorities
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